Buttplug is a software project at its core, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to be a developer to contribute! Here are some ways to contribute to the project, via code or other means.



Github is where all of the code for open source Buttplug projects are stored. Our main repo (listed above) contains info on how to get started contributing code to Buttplug, as well as a list of related projects to help out with.



Patreon is where most of our funding comes from. We rely on donations from users to fund research, such as buying new hardware, licenses for development software and services, and other things we need to keep the project running.


Curious about where you can talk to other developers or users of Buttplug?



Discord is used for the main Buttplug chat server. There are channels for buttplug development, video game development, movie scripting, and more.


If you want to keep up to date on the latest developments of Buttplug or Sex Tech in general, these are the places to watch.

Nonpolynomial Blog


Blog for Nonpolynomial, the parent company of the Buttplug Project. Covers software releases and technical subjects about this and other projects.

Buttplug Twitter


Our project twitter account announces releases, teases new features, and also shitposts, because what else do you do on twitter.

Buttpluggin' With qDot Youtube Channel


The Buttpluggin' with qDot Youtube Channel has all sorts of tutorial and demo videos of software built using Buttplug.