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Buttplug C# v0.2.0 and Buttplug JS v0.5.0 Released!

We've got a new C# release for Windows 7/8/10 and Javascript library release for cross-platform webapps and native node development. Downloads of the C# are available at our github C# repo, and the JS library is available on npm and our github JS repo. The C# App Suite Tutorial can help you get started on Windows.

If you're interested in movie sync, check out Syncydink, our open source Web based haptic movie player, based on Vue.js and typescript (and with WebVR support!). For those on macOS, Linux, Android, or ChromeOS, check out Syncydink in Google Chrome 61 or later! It works with all the Bluetooth toys we support thanks to Google Chrome's WebBluetooth API, no other downloads required.

There's also the first community project to support Buttplug, ScriptPlayer, a open source native Windows haptic movie player in C#!

Interested in helping out with development or using Buttplug for your own work? We're happy to help! Come join us on our Slack instance or our Discord Server, check out our forums, or get updates by following us on twitter!


Buttplug works on multiple platforms, and supports both controlling and receiving data from many different types of sex toys, machines, and robots.

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Buttplug uses a modular client/server architecture, making it easy to use in multiple configurations. Implementations are available for many different programming languages.

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Building an app or game that needs to use a computer controlled sex toy? Buttplug is embeddable! Just a couple of function calls and you'll be up and running.

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Check out our alpha demo video!

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Buttplug.io hosts the Buttplug sex toy control software, as well as the libraries it is built on.

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